New (07/05/19): 3.0.0 released!

Welcome to the PIUS homepage. PIUS is made of three programs to make your PGP keysigning activities easier.


pius (PGP Individual UID Signer) helps attendees of PGP keysigning parties. It is the main utility and allows you to quickly and easily sign each UID on a set of PGP keys. It is designed to take the pain out of the sign-all-the-keys part of PGP Keysigning Party while adding security to the process.

If you are not familiar with PGP keysigning parties you may want to reference my PGP site - particularly the signing page. Post party you need to, at a minimum, sign the keys of everyone who was present at the party and had sufficient ID. You then need to get those signed keys back to their owner.

That can already be time consuming, but preferrably, you want to verify the identity in each UID, which means verifying the email addresses. There are a few ways to do this, but one of them is to sign each UID on the key individually (which requires import-sign-export-delete for each UID), encrypt-emailing that key to the email address in the UID. This can be incredibly time consuming.

That's where pius comes in. Pius will do all the work for you - all you have to do is confirm the fingerprint for each key. It will then take care of signing each UID cleanly, minimizing the key, and using PGP/Mime email to send it, encrypted, to the email address in the UID.


pius-keyring-mgr helps organizers of PGP keysigning parties. It allows you to build and manage party keyrings. Not only can it parse CSV files and mailboxes looking fingerprints and keys and build a keyring for you, it can also email anyone whos fingerprint didn't allow use to find a key! Finally, it allows you to prune down keyrings of users who didn't attend the event.


pius-party-worksheet is also for organizers of PGP keysigning parties. It's a small utility to generate a worksheet based on the party keyring. This worksheet can be given to all attendees to help them verify keys and identities.

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