Phil Dibowitz's Resume

Site Reliability Engineer/Production Engineer with 18 years of experience designing and automating complex systems on both Linux and Solaris and a degree in Computer Science and Computer Engineering.

I have a deep interest in open source, automation, systems engineering and security. I also find teaching and mentoring others to grow in these areas rewarding.

I have a strong presence in the open source community, having not only my own software (iptstate, concordance, pius, check_x509, mime_dump), but also contributing to many projects including Chef and the Linux kernel. I pride myself on always solving problems the right way - not the easiest or quickest way. Putting forth the effort to do something properly the first time may take a little longer initially, but reduces downtime and cost while increasing manageability, reliability, and scalability in the long run. Lastly, I'm very proactive; I have the drive to seek out projects that need to be done and tackle them.

Thank you for your time,
Phil Dibowitz


Facebook (2010 - present - Menlo Park, CA)

Production Engineer: Operating Systems (tech lead) (2012-present)
Production Engineer: Traffic Team (2011-2012)
Production Engineer (2010-2011)

Technical and Organizational Vision Management, Team Leadership & Cultural Leadership Technical

Google (2008 - 2010 - Zurich, Switzerland)

Site Reliability Engineer, Gmail

Ticketmaster (2005 - 2008 - Los Angeles, CA)

Senior UNIX Systems Administrator (2006 - 2008)
UNIX Systems Administrator (2005 - 2006)

Previous positions left off for brevity




References available on request.

Phil Dibowitz